Roll Or Signature Roll

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Roll or Hand Roll

Avocado Roll  4.75

Cucumber Roll   4.75

Asparagus Roll    4.75

A.A.C Roll    Avocado,asparagus,cucumber   4.75

Peanut Avocado Roll   4.75

Sweet Potato Roll  4.75

Crab & Cream Cheese Roll   5.25

California Roll   Cucumber,avocado,crab stick    5.25

Boston Roll    Shrimp,lettuce,cucumber & mayo(5 pcs.)    5.25

Tuna Roll   5.25

Salmon Roll   5.25

Yellowtail Roll   5.25

Spicy Tuna Roll   5.5

Spicy Salmon Roll   5.5

Spicy Crab Roll    5.5

Alaska Roll  Salmon, avocado & cucumber  5.5

Smoked Salmon Avocado Roll   5.5

Philadelphia Roll   5.75

Cream cheese,smoked salmon and scallions

Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll   5.75

Tuna Avocado Roll  5.75

Salmon Avocado  Roll  5.75

Spicy Yellowtail Roll  5.75

Salmon Skin Roll  5.95

Roasted salmon skin and cucumber ,eel sauce

Eel Avocado Roll  5.95

Eel Cucumber Roll  5.95

Spicy Shrimp Roll   5.95

Snow Crab Roll   5.95

Snow crab and asparagus

Spicy Scallop Roll  6.25

Shrimp Tempura Roll (5 pcs.)   6.95

Shrimp tempura,cucumber,avocado,lettuce and eel sauce

Chicken Tempura Roll (5 pcs.)   6.95

Chicken tempura,cucumber,avocado,lettuce and eel sauce

Dynamite Roll (5 pcs.)   6.95

Crabmeat,cooked shrimp and scallop,fish roe,scallion w.seaweed sauce

Black Pepper Tuna Roll  7.95

Seared black pepper tuna

Signature Roll

Summer Roll (6 pcs.)  6.95

Avocado,lettuce,shrimp tempura wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper,served with sweet chili sauce

Dubuque Roll (5 pcs)  7.95

Deep fried roll smoked salmon,cream cheese and asparagus,served w.eel sauce ,spicy mayo

Rock’N Roll (5 pcs)   8.95

Shrimp tempura,crabmeat,cream cheese and fish eggs,eel sauce

Spicy Fried Oyster Roll (5 pcs)  8.95

Lettuce,avocado,cucumber,masago and oyster,served w.spicy mayo and eel sauce

American Dream Roll  9.95

Deep fried,spicy tuna,avocado,served with spicy mayo and eel sauce,scallion,tobiko on top

Rainbow Roll   10.95

Assorted fish on top of California Roll

Spider Roll (5 pcs)   10.95

Avocado ,cucumber,soft shell crab,scallions,tobiko and eel sauce

Dragon Roll  10.95

Eel and cucumber topped with avocado,fish egg and eel sauce

Ichiban Roll (No Rice)  11.95

Avocado wrapped w.spicy tuna with ponzu sauce

Volcano Roll  12.95

Shrimp,eel,cucumber topped w.spicy crunch,crameat and avocado

2013 Roll   13.95

Spicy Salmon,crunch ,topped w.yellowtail,tuna and avocado,served w.sweet mayo sauce

Tempura Mojo Roll  13.95

Deep fried roll: crab,cream cheese,white fish,scallions,avocado,served w.eel sauce and seaweed sauce

Sunshine Roll  12.95

Salmon tempura,avocado inside,topped with fresh salmon,spicy mayonnaise and tempura crunch

Monster Roll  12.95

Shrimp tempura,avocado inside,crabmeat tempura on top,served with wasabi mayo,spicy mayo and eel sauce

Main Street Roll   12.95

Shrimp tempura,cucumber,avocado inside,topped with spicy crab,served with seafood sauce

Lobster California Roll  13.95

Deep fried roll: lobster salad,cucumber,avocado,kani,served with spicy mayo,eel sauce

Vitname Sashimi Roll (6 pcs)   12.95

Tuna,salmon,yellowtail,avocado,jalapeno and mix green wrapped in rice paper w.fried onion,wasabi noci ranch on top

King Roll  13.95

Spicy crunchy salmon,avocado inside,spicy white tuna,red tuna,fried leek on top

Out of Control Roll   13.95

Tuna,yellowtail,salmon and asparagus inside,top w.seared tuna,yellowtail,salmon,avocado,spicy mayo,tobiko,scallions,miso sauce and Japanese mayo

Fantastic Roll  13.95

Shrimp tempura,snow crab,avocado w.scallop and shrimp on top,served w.seaweed sauce

Crunchy Scallop Roll  13.95

Spicy Crunchy scallop,mango and avocado,topped with seared white tuna,black tobiko and wasabi yuzu sauce

Angry Dragon Roll   13.95

Shrimp tempura,spicy tuna and papaya topped w.Alaskan crab,served w.miso sauce,eel sauce,wrapped in soybean paper

Tuna Love Roll   13.95

White tuna tempura,spicy tuna and avocado,topped with pepper tuna and mango,eel sauce

Narudo Roll (6 pcs) (No Rice)  13.95

Tuna,salmon,yellowtail,avocado wrapped w.cucumber,w.ponzu sauce

Coconut Shrimp Roll  13.95

Crispy coconut shrimp,spicy lobster salad inside,topped with avocado,coconut flakes and wasabi coconut sauce,eel sauce

Sweet Heart Roll   13.95

Spicy tuna,sweet potato tempura inside,tuna,fish egg,scallion on the top w.eel sauce,spicy mayo

Crazy Roll   13.95

Spicy crab,avocado,cucumber inside,topped with seared tuna,sesame oil,eel sauce and seaweed

Spicy Bad Boy Roll   13.95

Spicy Salmon,spicy tuna,jalapeno,topped with ebi and avocado,served with sweet seafood sauce

Sex on the Beach Roll  13.95

Spicy tuna,cream cheese,topped with fry eel,eel sauce and sweet mayo sauce

Jade Roll  13.95

Tuna,salmon,yellowtail,avocado,tobiko wrapped in soybean paper

Lady Lover Roll    13.95

Spicy tuna,avocado,shrimp tempura,tobiko wrapped paper,served with kimchee sauce

Jaguar Roll  13.95

Spicy yellowtail ,apple inside,fresh yellowtail and salmon on top,with black tobiko,fried leek and scallion

Iowa Roll   14.95

Soft shell crab,spicy tuna,mango and avocado,wrapped in seaweed ,served with sweet chili and eel sauce

Surf Turf Roll   14.95

Eel,asparagus,spring mix,topped with seared ribeye,served with tobiko,fried leek,balsamic

Black Dragon Roll  14.95

Shrimp tempura,kani,cucumber,topped with eel and eel sauce,tobiko

Manhattan Roll   14.95

Spicy tuna,crunch,avocado inside,topped with lobster tempura,avocado,wasabi tobiko,with wasabi mayo and eel sauce

Amazing Roll  14.95

Deep fried roll: eel ,avocado,cream cheese,smoked salmon,topped with spicy tuna,eel sauce and wasabi ranch

Mango Tango Roll  14.95

Lobster salad,eel ,avocado and mango on top,served and eel sauce ,kim chee sauce

Lobster Lover Roll  14.95

Lobster tempura,avocado,topped with lobster salad,served w.wasabi mayo,sweet chili sauce

Painted Lady Roll  14.95

Lobster tempura,mango and asparagus topped with spicy tuna,avocado and spicy mango sauce wrapped in soybean paper

Alaskan King Crab Roll   15.95

Tuna,salmon,yellowtail in the middle,spicy crunch king crab and avocado on the top,rice at bottom,served w.miso sauce,eel sauce and tobiko

Yummy Roll    14.95

Deep fried roll:lobster salad ,cream cheese,avocado,crab stick,served with soybean paper,eel sauce and sweet mayo.

BMW Roll   14.95

Salmon,tuna,yellowtail inside top with white tuna,pepper tuna,avocado,served with tobiko,spicy mayo.

Pandora Roll  14.95

Shrimp tempura,snow crab,avocado,topped w.mix scallop,shrimp,crab,fish egg,crunchy,sweet mayo,eel sauce

Snow Mountain Roll   14.95

Tuna,asparagus,cream cheese,wrapped in seaweed,topped with avocado,tobiko, eel sauce,baked crab and shrimp with yuzu cream sauce

Tiger Roll   14.95

Spicy tuna,avocado,spicy salmon,topped with tuna,salmon,eel,fish eggs,crunchy on the top,served with eelsauce & spicy mayo