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Appetizers from Kitchen

Edamame  Steamed Soybean  4.25

Spicy Edamame   4.25

Shumai   4.95

Steamed shrimp dumplings

Pork or Vegetable Gyoza   5.25

Pan Fried Japanese dumpling

Harumaki    4.95

Japanese spring roll

Age Tofu   4.95

Deep fried tofu,served w.tempura sauce

Yakitori    5.25

Chicken Skewer

Beef Nagimaki   8.95

Broiled sliced beef rolled with scallions

Vegetable Tempura     4.95

Sweet Potato Tempura  4.95

Chicken Tempura   6.25

Shrimp Tempura   6.95

Lightly fried shrimp with vegetable

Oyster Tempura   8.95

Deep fried oyster with katsu sauce

Soft Shell Crab Tempura  8.95

Japanese style,deep fried soft shell crab

Calamari   6.95

Japanese style fried squid

BBQ Squid   8.95

Grilled squid w.teriyaki sauce

Rock Shrimp  9.95

Crispy shrimp & creamy Japanese dressing

Hamachi Kama   9.95

Broiled yellowtail collar balsamic slaze & ponzu sauce

Chicken Katsu  6.95

Breaded deep fried boneless chicken cutlet,served w.katsu sauce on the side

Appetizers From Sushi Bar

Sushi Appetizers  8.95

4 pieces assorted sushi(chef choice)

Sashimi Appetizers  9.95

7 pieces assorted raw fish(chef choice)

Beef Tataki   8.95

Seared beef & scallions with yozu sauce

Tuna Tataki  9.95

Seared tuna & scallions with yozu sauce

Yellowtail Jalapeno  9.95

Sliced yellowtail & jalapeno with ponzu sauce

Avocado King  8.95

Avocado wrapped spicy crab,seaweed salad,cucumber,crunchy,spicy tuna,fried noodle with sesame ginger dressing

Fantasy Island  9.95

Mixed raw fish on a half avocado,eel sauce & spicy mayo

Crispy Tuna Dumpling   11.95

House made guacamole,jalapeno,organic micro,green & spicy tuna,deep fried

Dragon Ball  10.95

Spicy crab,crunch,avocado around,with sweet mayo sauce

Citrus Salmon   11.95

Thinly Sliced salmon,julienne cucumber,served w.yuzu vina-grette sauce

Sushi Pizza (Spicy Salmon or Spicy Tuna) 12.95

Japanese pancake,avocado paste,served w.eel sauce and mango,tobiko

Fresh Tuna Dumpling   10.95

Spicy crab salad inside,wrapped with tuna,served with wasabi mayo,eel sauce,tobiko

Spicy Tuna Tartar  11.95

Spicy tuna,avocado ,fish roe,chopped jalapeno with chef’s special sauce