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Miso Soup  2.25

Served with seaweed,tofu & scallions

Clear Soup  2.25

Served with chicken broth,fried onions,mushrooms & scallions

Gyoza Soup  3.95

Chicken broth w.dumplings,fried onion,mushroom & scallions

Kim Chee Soup  4.95

Pickled veggie broth with vegetable,salmon

Seafood Soup  4.95

Mixed Seafood with tofu & vegetables


House Salad   2.95

Garden greens with ginger dressing

Avocado Salad   4.95

Avocado,spring mix,peanuts & ginger dressing

Seaweed Salad   4.95

Seasoned marinated fresh seaweed salad

Kani Salad   6.25

Crab,cucumber,tobiko,lettuce & special sauce

Salmon Skin Salad   5.95

Broiled salmon skin with mixed vegetable & chef’s special sauce

Squid Salad  5.95

Marinated squid with vegetables